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Embed YouTube video in PowerPoint

How do I link to a video in a cleaner fashion? Can I avoid seeing YouTube ads? How can I streamline my PowerPoint presentations?

How to Embed a Video

Instead of linking out to it, embed a video in your presentation. This will eliminate distracting advertising and other videos at the side of the screen.
To embed the video:

  1. To get the embed code from a YouTube video, go to the video.
  2. Click Share.
  3. Click Embed.
  4. Copy the selected code using CTRL+C.
  5. Open your PowerPoint.
  6. In the INSERT ribbon, choose Video.
  7. Choose Online Video.
  8. Choose Video Embed Code.
  9. Paste the Embed code.

Resize and re-position the video area on the slide as suits your need. The video will appear as a black box, until you play the presentation. Remember to adjust volume as needed and to turn on closed captioning.

Volume Adjustments

Be sure to check that students can process the sound on your video. There are 3 places to adjust your volume:

  • Computer Volume on the status bar at the bottom right side of screen
  • At the podium via the Volume dial
  • Within the video window when it is playing at the bottom left side of the screen

If these adjustments don’t provide sufficient volume, use the phone at the podium to call IT Support.